Friday, 15 June 2012

News from Belgium!

Yes, I'm still in Belgium and I'm really enjoying it! I've made some beautiful trips with Nikita through hills, forests and fields. I think she likes it here.

I have some model news for you, I'll be going back to Holland for a weekend at the end of June. And I will be attending a liveshow while I'm there and at the end of August I will be going to England to the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo! I'm going with a friend who is also a horselover but she doesn't know much about the hobby, I hope she will like it. We will be attending all 3 days and the Open Show on saturday. I can't wait!

But first the liveshow in Holland, this will be the first time I don't have a dozen projects to finish before the liveshow. I did bring a model and some materials with me to Belgium, just enough to make some arabian halters. Which I will be selling when I'm back in Holland.